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Application of RFID Technology in Garment Industry

2022-10-15 Industry News

The application of RFID technology in the clothing industry, RFID technology is ubiquitous in our lives, and now, many clothing companiesuse RFID technology, such as Decathlon, Uniqlo, Hailan Home, etc.

The application process of RFID technology in the clothing industry:


1. Binding of RFID clothing tags


Write the important attributes of a single piece of clothing in the corresponding RFID clothing tag: item number, clothing name, clothing model, clothing grade, clothing fabric, washing method, implementation standard, quality inspector, etc., and bind the electronic tag and clothing together. . The barcode label before the clothing and the RFID clothing label are bound and bound together, and the RFID clothing label on each clothing is one-to-one, which plays an anti-counterfeiting role and prevents counterfeit and shoddy clothing.


2. Manufacturers' clothing in and out of the warehouse


When the clothing passes through the entrance and exit of the warehouse, the fixed RFID card reader installed at the entrance and exit reads the RFID clothing label. The clothing is accurate and can pass, and the green light is on; the clothing is abnormally prohibited, and the red light is on.


3. Receipt by retail store


When the retail store receives the goods from the manufacturer, it can use the RFID handheld scanner to scan it to check the quantity of the goods and the type of clothing.


Fourth, the fitting room statistics


RFID readers are installed in the fitting room. Every time the customer tries on the clothes, there will be statistics, and the frequency of fitting each piece of clothing will be counted. Combined with the purchase results, the style that customers like will be analyzed, and the customer purchase transaction rate will be improved.


5. Clothing for sale


A desktop RFID card reader is installed at the cashier, the clothes are sold, the sales status of the clothes after the customer pays, the RFID tag is unbound from the system, and the status is changed automatically.


6. Anti-theft alarm


When the customer leaves the store with the goods and passes through the column access door, if the clothing is not paid for, the access door RFID reader will automatically sense and issue an alarm, which acts as an anti-theft alarm.


Seven, clothing inventory


When taking inventory, use RFID handhelds to scan clothing tags, batch inventory, and RFID tags within a few meters can be read. The specific reading distance is related to the RF power and antenna of the RFID reader.



Application of RFID Technology in Garment Industry

The application of RFID technology in the clothing industry, RFID technology is ubiquitous in our lives, and now, many clothing companiesuse RFID technology, such as Decathlon, Uniqlo, Hailan Home, et···


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