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Intelligent Warehouse Management System

2022-06-11 Industry News

The warehouse management occupies the core position in the logistics management. The traditional warehousing industry is to collect storage fees for the business model, hope their warehouse is always full, this model and logistics purposes run counter to. Modern logistics to integrate the process, coordination of upstream and downstream as their responsibility, the less static inventory, the better its business model is based on the overall cost of logistics assessment. Because these two kinds of warehousing management have essential difference in business mode, but it is difficult to distinguish in concrete operation such as warehousing, warehousing, sorting, tallying, etc. , these similarities and differences will also be reflected in the structure of information systems. As the manufacturing environment changes, product cycles become shorter, fewer and more diverse, and inventory constraints become more mode of production, a supply chain management system must be established and implemented, by means of computerization and informationization, suppliers, manufacturers and customers are closely united to share the inventory risk. Storage management can be simply summarized as 8 key management models: catch-receive-check-store-pick-send-order-return.


Storage management and accurate positioning in the enterprise's entire management process plays a very important role, if can not ensure timely and accurate purchase, inventory control and delivery, will bring huge losses to the enterprise, this is not only reflected in the increase of management costs, but also leads to the quality of customer service can not be guaranteed, and ultimately affect the competitiveness of the market. So we put forward a new warehouse system based on RFID to solve the problem of accurate warehouse management. Note that this is different from the SNHGES system. Below we will analyze the adoption of RFID technology to the economic benefits of enterprises.

RFID intelligent warehouse management technology to achieve intelligent management and efficient management of logistics warehouse


1. Read convenient and fast: data reading without light source, even through the outer packaging to carry out. The effective identification distance is longer, when the active label with its own battery is used, the effective identification distance can reach more than 30 meters;

2.  the identification speed is fast: As soon as the label enters the magnetic field, the reader can instantly read the information in it, it can process multiple tags simultaneously for batch recognition;

3. it can read through and without barriers: Barcode scanners must be able to read barcodes at close range and without objects blocking them. RFID can penetrate paper, wood and plastic and other non-metallic and non-transparent materials, penetrating communication, no light source, read a longer distance. But not through metal and other conductive objects to identify.

4. Large data capacity, long service life, wide range of applications: its Radio Communications, so that it can be used in dust, oil pollution and other high pollution environment and radioactive environment, and its closed packaging makes its life much more than the printed Bar Code; Traditional Barcode carrier is paper, so easy to be contaminated, but RFID WATER, oil and chemicals and other substances have a strong resistance. In addition, because the bar code is attached to the plastic bags or outer packaging carton, so particularly vulnerable to breakage; Rfid Tag is the data stored in the chip, so can avoid contamination, Rfid anti-pollution capability and durability.

5.  Better security: RFID TAGS can not only be embedded in or attached to different shapes and types of products, but also for the tag data read and write set password protection, which has a higher security; As RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered to fabricate, security is higher.

6.  Miniaturization and diversity of shapes: RFID does not need to match paper size and print quality for reading accuracy, it is more suitable for miniaturization and diversity of forms, to facilitate embedding or attachment in different shapes, types of products.

The application of intelligent warehouse management system ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in every link of goods warehouse management, and ensures that enterprises grasp the real data of inventory timely and accurately, and reasonably maintain and control the inventory of enterprises. Through scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of the goods in stock. The use of the system's warehouse management function, can more timely grasp the current location of all inventory goods, conducive to improving the efficiency of warehouse management.



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Intelligent Warehouse Management System

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