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Classification of UHF RFID tags - common material tags

2022-02-16 Industry News

After more than 20 years of hard work and development, UHF RFID technology has become one of the core technologies of the Internet of Things, with an annual shipment of 20 billion. In this process, China has gradually become the main producer of UHF RFID tag products. With the strong support of the state for the development of the Internet of Things, the development of industry applications and the entire ecology is very rapid. However, so far, there is no book that comprehensively introduces UHF RFID technology.

In order to fill the vacancy in this area, Mr. Gan Quan spent several years to write a new book "Internet of Things UHF RFID Technology, Products and Applications" officially published. Explanation. Classification by application or appearance is very difficult. For the convenience of explanation, it is divided into two categories: ordinary material labels and special material labels, and each category has different application labels. Definition of common material labels: all labels produced by direct compounding through Inlay are called common material labels; definition of special material labels: labels realized by other production processes (non-compounding).

Common Material Labels:

1. Clothing tag label

2. Baggage tags

3. Fragile paper labels

4. Book Archives Tag



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