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Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd • the IOTE 2021 Shenzhen

2021-05-13 Company News

[IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition]


Huizhou Chenxin will bring a variety of electronic tags and smart card products 

to the IOTE 2021 Shenzhen

IOTE 2021 The 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen Station will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) on August 18-20, 2021. This is a carnival for the Internet of Things industry and also high-end event for Internet of Things companies to seize the opportunity .

At that time, Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Huizhou Chenxin) will bring us anti-copying smart cards, visual cards, glue cards, magnetic stripe cards, laser cards, metal cards, and RFID electronics as an exhibitor. Wonderful display of labels, CPU cards and other products.


Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Booth number: 1A129-2

August 18-20, 2021

company profiles

Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a RFID high-tech enterprise and a professional rfid label and smart card manufacturer, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of various smart cards, RFID electronic tags and their application technologies, and system integration.

Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2017 and is located in Huizhou. We have a label factory and card factory with an area of 4000 square meters. We have advanced production lines and a large number of automation equipment. It is widely used in residents' health, education and medical care, public transportation, security and access control, and supermarkets. membership, catering, tourism, entertainment, water and electricity and other fields and industries.

The company has a fully enclosed constant temperature, constant humidity, anti-static, 10,000-class dust-free workshop, highly automated international advanced card making equipment, RFID electronic label production equipment, and full-featured quality inspection analysis and personalization processing equipment. The annual production capacity of RFID electronic tags reaches 200 million pieces, and the annual production capacity of smart cards reaches 18 million pieces.

Featured product promotion


RFID electronic label

干湿inlay & 白标(1)2.png

Smart card 



For more information about Huizhou Chenxin products, welcome to visit booth 1A129-2 of IOTE 2021 Shenzhen Station.



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