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Focus on IOTE 2021 Shenzhen Station | Chenxin's 16th International Internet of Things Live Technology is over!

2021-11-03 Company News

Chenxin's Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE 2021 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition. Shenzhen Station) ended successfully on October 23-25. The theme of this exhibition was "Integration of Everything, Wisdom to the World". Exhibition site Chenxin Participate in the exhibition with RFID high frequency tags, RFID UHF tags, cable tie tags, anti-metal tags, high temperature resistant tags, RFID flexible soft cloth laundry tags, RFID smart file management cabinets and other products to showcase the company's new products and research and development in a multi-faceted manner Creativity.


In the past two years, due to force majeure factors, the Internet of Things industry is facing great challenges. In 2021, many RFID tag and smart card companies have experienced different degrees of impacts such as chip prices and raw material prices. In this environment, Chenxin still insists Down, continue to provide customers with better products and services. At this time of confrontation with difficulties and opportunities, I believe that taking advantage of the technological wind and using the IOTE exhibition exchange platform to find opportunities to break the bamboo in a market full of uncertainties, take advantage of the trend, go against the trend, and tap the potential of the industry, looking forward to it Everyone has gained after the exhibition!




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