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RFID enhances the application reliability of smart borrowing cabinets

The smart borrowing cabinet application program built with RFID technology as the core of data collection has been widely used in many school libraries. Due to the many types of books in the library, the workload of inventory is cumbersome and the workload of staff is large. Through the library management system RFID technology can have great advantages in book management and realize many functions that bar code technology cannot achieve, thereby enhancing the function and system reliability of the library’s management system.


RFID reading and writing equipment in the intelligent borrowing cabinet application program function

Book positioning: The built-in RFID reader and antenna can sense in real time the position of the book with the RFID tag on the floor, uninterrupted real-time monitoring, and automatic reminder of the wrong shelf;

Self-service borrowing and returning: The borrower can swipe card, fingerprint or face recognition. The smart bookcase can open the electronic control lock according to the user's authority. The borrower can choose the books to lend or return the books, and close the cabinet door. RFID automatic inventory, real-time Display the books that are lent or returned, so that unattended self-service borrowing and returning;

Multimedia display: The screen on the smart bookcase can display book information, book retrieval, new book recommendation and other functions according to customer needs;

Failure and maintenance: This system has a complete failure detection function, and provides interfaces to realize the working status of the network, readers, and lighting control boards.

Permission management: The cabinet is equipped with an electronic control lock, and the opening permission management is carried out through RFID cards or fingerprints, passwords, etc.; Big data analysis: The background can analyze readers’ reading preferences and the popularity of books based on book borrowing data and personnel borrowing data. The reading of the students in school can be evaluated.

Big data analysis: The background can analyze readers’ reading preferences and book popularity based on book borrowed data and personnel borrowing data, and can evaluate the reading of students at school.

Main application of smart bookcase

Book industry: library smart bookcases, primary and secondary school distributed libraries, micro-libraries, shared books, drifting bookcases, unmanned book retail;

Financial industry: Bank important mortgage document management, bank important certificate seal card management, important securities document management;

Government units: security department file management, public security material evidence management, temporary storage of important documents management, etc.;

Medical industry: unmanned drug retail, key equipment and drug management, hospital key file inspection report management, etc.;

Other industries: automobile certificate management, high-end shoe and bag rental display management, corporate confidential file management, corporate important contract agreement document management, etc.

Through the application of RFID technology in the book management and control application, the reader’s borrowing process has been simplified in the traditional mode, greatly improving the circulation efficiency of road books, and the workload of the staff for book inventory and search is relatively reduced. The introduction of RFID technology realizes the intelligentization of book inventory and improves the service quality of the library.



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